TCU falls short against Georgia in title defense bid
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TCU falls short against Georgia in title defense bid

Georgia’s Stetson Bennett led his team to a crushing victory against TCU in the College Football Playoff national championship game. Bennett threw two touchdown passes and ran for two more scores in the first half, helping the Bulldogs become the first team to win consecutive championships since Alabama 10 years ago. The game ended with a score of 65-7, leaving no doubt that Georgia has replaced Crimson Tide as the new bullies on the block. TCU, the first Cinderella team of the playoff era, was no match for Georgia’s talent and flawless coaching, and the Bulldogs’ performance is now compared to some of the all-time beatdowns in games that decided national titles. No team has ever scored more points in a national championship game since the beginning of the BCS in 1998.

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