NBA Rival Takes a Dig at Lebron James’ Age During Playoffs
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NBA Rival Takes a Dig at Lebron James’ Age During Playoffs

Following a clash on court between Dillon Brooks and LeBron James during a playoff game, Brooks has expressed his disrespect for the all-time leading NBA points scorer. The Grizzlies won the second game of the Western Conference first round playoffs against the Los Angeles Lakers, and while James remains one of the league’s top players, Brooks suggested that he is a faded force. Brooks, known for his outspokenness, said that he was waiting for James to confront him and that he doesn’t respect anyone until they score 40 points against him. The Lakers only just qualified for the playoffs as the seventh seeds, and James has yet to score more than 34 points against the Grizzlies wing defender. Brooks added that he wished he had faced James in his prime, but he would make the most of playing against him now. The series continues in Los Angeles on Saturday evening.

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