NBA legend offers controversial advice to Grizzlies following Ja Morant’s gun video on Instagram.
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NBA legend offers controversial advice to Grizzlies following Ja Morant’s gun video on Instagram.

The Memphis Grizzlies have found themselves in a difficult situation after a video surfaced over the weekend of their star point guard Ja Morant holding a gun in a nightclub in Glendale, Colorado. Local police are investigating to determine whether Morant broke any gun laws. In response to the incident, the Grizzlies suspended Morant for at least two games, and the player has taken full responsibility for his actions, apologizing for his error.

However, former NBA player Gilbert Arenas believes the team should have simply ignored the video, citing Morant’s youth and inexperience. Arenas believes that everyone makes mistakes when they are young and that Morant’s age and wealth make it more likely that he will do something foolish. With this in mind, Arenas suggests that the team’s owners should pretend they never saw the video and focus instead on helping Morant mature and grow.

The Grizzlies are owned by billionaire Robert Pera, and the team has improved significantly since drafting Morant in 2019. Powered by the former Rookie of the Year, Memphis returned to the playoffs in 2021 and reached the Western Conference semi-finals last season. Morant is having an outstanding season this year, averaging 27.1 points and 8.2 assists per game and earning his second nod to the NBA All-Star Game last month. However, his recent suspension may impact the team’s playoff aspirations, which currently find them second in the Western Conference.

The Grizzlies lost to the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday in Morant’s absence but will hope to rebound when they face the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday.

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