Gareth Bale’s exceptional ability rescues his team once again
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Gareth Bale’s exceptional ability rescues his team once again

Gareth Bale is a legendary footballer with a unique and distinguished career. He first scored a goal when he was playing as a left-back for Southampton in the English Championship and later became the greatest Welsh player of all time. Bale won five European Cups or Champions League titles, which makes him officially the most successful British footballer ever. He was also famous for his golfing skills. Bale played a crucial role in Wales’ journey to the semi-finals of Euro 2016 and helped the team qualify for the World Cup after 64 years, despite his physical limitations at the time. It took him two years to make his Premier League debut for Tottenham, but he eventually became one of the most destructive players in the league.

Bale’s unexpected retirement announcement after committing to play for Wales only six weeks ago was not surprising since he had always been capable of surprising people throughout his career. He had the ability to produce something out of nothing in stunning fashion, as demonstrated by his first professional goal, a perfect free-kick against Derby, at the age of 16. Bale was also a phenomenal striker of the ball who could score all sorts of goals, including volleys, half-volleys, and long-range strikes. He was exceptionally dangerous both within shooting range or on the run with grass in front of him. His scorching pace enabled him to accelerate away from defenders, making him one of the world’s most explosive players.

However, Bale’s greatness was not solely due to his physical and technical abilities. He could change games by the force of his personality and individual interventions. He famously pulled Tottenham back from being 4-0 down against Inter Milan in the 2010 Champions League, scoring a hat-trick. Bale became the world’s most expensive player when he signed for Real Madrid for £85m. He scored the winner in the Copa del Rey final against Barcelona, one of his second finest goals, by rounding Marc Bartra after running off the pitch. He was also a clutch player whose explosiveness helped him become the only substitute to score twice in a Champions League final in a bicycle kick two minutes after he came on against Liverpool.

Bale was a shy person who became a big-game player capable of rescuing lost causes, exemplified by his performance in the MLS Cup final that ended with his side winning the trophy. But his greatest project was undoubtedly Wales football. His influence was huge, and he helped shape Welsh football in numerous ways. Bale scored Wales’ first goal in a major tournament since Terry Medwin in 1958 in Euro 2016 and their first point in the World Cup since the 1950s with a penalty against the United States in Qatar. His records of 111 caps and 41 goals for Wales attest to his influence, but numbers never fully represent his immense impact on the team. Bale loved playing for Wales, and he considered his international teammates as “boys who became brothers.” He found a cause greater than personal glory or the success he achieved with Real Madrid in the dragon on his shirt. Bale retired as a part-time club footballer, which allowed him to prepare for international breaks. Although he initially intended to continue playing until Euro 2024, his body could no longer keep up with his indomitable spirit. Bale’s last game was for Wales in a World Cup, bringing his career to a fitting end. No other footballer can claim that achievement.

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