The UFC 288 sees the return of a top fighter you may not know: Sterling vs Cejudo

The UFC 288 sees the return of a top fighter you may not know: Sterling vs Cejudo

Henry Cejudo will return to the Octagon after almost three years away. On his last fight in 2020, he was the UFC bantamweight champion, defeating Dominick Cruz, one of MMA’s all-time greats. This weekend in UFC 288, Cejudo will try to reclaim the gold against the in-form champion, Aljamain Sterling. Cejudo gained recognition as one of the UFC’s most accomplished fighters after becoming a dual-weight champion by defeating Demetrious Johnson and TJ Dillashaw. He has not claimed to be the greatest in either weight class, but his wins against both fighters, who many fans brand as the best in their respective divisions, speak for themselves. Cejudo also won an Olympic gold medal in wrestling in 2008. After relinquishing his titles, he retired from MMA and focused on building a family. Sterling ushered in the stability of the bantamweight division’s top since then, and Cejudo will have to defeat him to reclaim his belt. Sterling is known for his grappling and a creative striking approach, but Cejudo’s ring IQ and resilience are also expected to play a significant role in the fight. Cejudo will have to counteract the effects of time and his absence from the ring against an in-form Sterling.

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