The Epic Moment of Israel Adesanya’s Stunning KO on Alex Pereira at UFC 287.

The Epic Moment of Israel Adesanya’s Stunning KO on Alex Pereira at UFC 287.

According to fellow UFC stars, Israel Adesanya’s knockout of Alex Pereira was a “masterpiece” and a powerful statement. Joe Rogan praised the win, calling it “one of the greatest KOs I’ve seen in my life.” Adesanya won the middleweight title back after successfully beating long-term rival Pereira at UFC 287 in Miami. Pereira seemed to have Adesanya in trouble with a series of kicks to the lead leg, leading to a series of body punches and a knee to the head. However, Adesanya countered with a right hook before delivering a right-left combination that sent Pereira to the canvas. Adesanya absorbed the blows before finishing the fight with hammer fists. This victory was significant as Adesanya suffered a controversial points loss to Pereira in their first fight, followed by a knockout, and was leading in their first MMA clash before losing in the final round. Adesanya has been praised by a stream of challengers for his victory. Robert Whittaker, a British middleweight, congratulated Adesanya and hinted at a future encounter, as did former light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz, who also offered to fight for the middleweight belt. Adesanya said he “played possum” to draw Pereira in before unleashing the powerful right hook that helped him clinch the victory. After the fight, Adesanya spoke in the octagon, saying that the result was sweet revenge and that Pereira would always be a champion despite losing the belt.

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