Lights go out moments before UFC 286 fight at O2 Arena begins

Lights go out moments before UFC 286 fight at O2 Arena begins

The O2 Arena experienced a power outage during UFC 286 as soon as Muhammad Mokaev was about to fight Jafel Filho. Mokaev, a renowned contender in the flyweight division and a native of Dagestan, was seconds away from beginning his fight, but the arena lights went out. Jon Anik, alongside former UFC champs Michael Bisping and Daniel Cormier, recognized the problem and queried if it would affect the fighters’ performance given the timing of the mishap. As they waited for the problem to be resolved, the audience sang “Ole!” repeatedly. The issue was resolved within a couple of minutes, and Mokaev vs Filho commenced, signifying the first prelim bout of the night on the undercard of Leon Edwards’ welterweight title defence against Kamaru Usman. Mokaev ended up winning the fight with a third-round submission, where he forced Filho to submit to a rear naked choke.

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