Disappointing Update on Conor McGregor Fight Revealed by Michael Chandler

Disappointing Update on Conor McGregor Fight Revealed by Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler has revealed that his scheduled fight against Conor McGregor may happen at the latest, during winter. Currently, the fight is being delayed and there is no clear date for when it will take place. Earlier in February, it was announced that McGregor and Chandler would coach competing teams on the UFC television show “The Ultimate Fighter,” which will begin airing from May 30th to August 15th. The idea was that they would fight each other immediately after the series, but that is now unlikely due to the challenges with McGregor’s presence in the United States Anti-Doping Agency testing pool. Chandler explained that McGregor publicly enacts in spats and it appears to be a “big show.” He further added that he is unsure of the various stipulations and is waiting for McGregor to be cleared to fight. For an athlete to compete in the UFC, they must be present in Usada’s testing pool for at least six months and submit zero positive tests. Reports suggest that McGregor may receive an exemption. Chandler said that he may have to leave it up to things to happen the way they’re supposed to. McGregor has not fought since his TKO loss to Dustin Poirier in July 2021, where he suffered a broken leg. With his recent bulk up, there has been no mention of a specific weight class assigned to the fight with Chandler.

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