Concerning news from Novak Djokovic regarding his elbow problem before the French Open

Concerning news from Novak Djokovic regarding his elbow problem before the French Open

Novak Djokovic has acknowledged that his right elbow is not in the ideal condition. The world’s number one tennis player who had undergone surgery on the joint in 2018 has sparked concerns about his fitness. This happened after he wore strapping on his elbow and struggled in a surprising loss against Lorenzo Musetti in Monte Carlo last week. Djokovic had refused to talk about the issue after the match, but he opened up at a press conference before his first match at the Srpska Open in Bosnia and Herzegovina this week. The Serbian tennis player shared that his elbow is not in the perfect shape, but it’s good enough, and he hopes it will be fully ready for his first match. Although Djokovic still has more than a month to get into top shape ahead of the French Open, without Rafael Nadal in the competition, this year’s summer tournament may be more competitive than usual. For his opening match in the Srpska Open, Djokovic will take on 18-year-old Frenchman Luca Van Assche. It is rare to see successful tennis players competing in small events on the ATP tour, but Djokovic still didn’t want to miss the chance to play so close to home. The tennis superstar stated that he is delighted to be in Srpska Open, as it’s one of the best places for Serbian tennis players and athletes, where they have a lot of love and support from the local people.

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