Max Verstappen’s F1 future could be in jeopardy with the new sprint format.

Max Verstappen’s F1 future could be in jeopardy with the new sprint format.

After Red Bull’s record-breaking start to the 2023 season, formula one chiefs have announced changes to the sprint weekend format. These changes, including a new “sprint shootout” session, are designed to increase competition while the cars are on track. This weekend’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix will feature just one practice session on Friday, with qualifying scheduled for Sunday’s race and a 100km (62-mile) “sprint day” on Saturday. However, these modifications are not supported by Max Verstappen, Red Bull’s driver who leads the world championship by 15 points and is the strong favorite for this weekend’s race. Verstappen has expressed concern about driver burnout and the intense nature of the sport’s schedule. Although he is signed on until the end of the 2028 season and has profitable partnerships with Red Bull and EA Sports, he has threatened to leave the sport if there are too many changes. Despite this, F1 is heading towards its most lucrative period, which could result in more competition, more races, and greater risks. Will Verstappen’s dissatisfaction result in him leaving sooner than expected?

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