Lewis Hamilton Teases Extension of Racing Career: ‘There’s Always a Possibility’

Lewis Hamilton Teases Extension of Racing Career: ‘There’s Always a Possibility’

Lewis Hamilton has suggested that he may extend his Formula One career into his fifties, ahead of the Miami Grand Prix. Although he has only six months left on his current £40m-a-year contract with Mercedes, both parties expect to agree an extension that would carry the seven-time world champion beyond his 40th birthday. Hamilton, who is currently 38, is currently the second-oldest driver on the F1 grid, behind Fernando Alonso. He has played a consulting role in the upcoming Hollywood F1 film project featuring Brad Pitt. When asked whether the physical demands of the sport would impact his future, Hamilton stated that he focuses more on recovery than ever before. Despite Red Bull’s dominance this season, Hamilton remains motivated to claim a record eighth title. However, he has yet to win a single race this year, trailing leader Max Verstappen by 45 points. Hamilton also noted that Red Bull’s current regulations favour them, and if they remain unchanged, their dominance could last until 2026.

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