Las Vegas a potential threat to the viability of the Miami Grand Prix

Las Vegas a potential threat to the viability of the Miami Grand Prix

Last year’s Miami Grand Prix was certainly memorable, not just because of the debut event, but for the cool, celebrity, and chaos that went with it. The race, which took place around the temporary street track centered on the Miami Dolphins’ Hard Rock Stadium, was full of stars, including Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, and David Beckham. However, the event itself turned out to be uneventful and drab. Even a late safety car caused by a Lando Norris crash couldn’t make it exciting, with the straight being too fast for overtaking. And with another dull race in Azerbaijan, F1 and Miami alike are in need of a more exciting contest this season. However, the attention has shifted from the spectacle off the track to the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix. F1’s new flagship event, which they are promoting, has been the talk of corporate and entertainment circles. With a race in the US since 2012, the Circuit of the Americas has been a staple, while Las Vegas is undoubtedly grabbing the ‘glitz and glamour’ mantle. Miami remains a happy medium, given its popularity as a market for F1 and the entertainment industry. It also has a contract in place till 2031. An enthralling grand prix would be the perfect tonic to Miami’s waning status.

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