Formula 1: Mercedes announces surprising job swap in management team

Formula 1: Mercedes announces surprising job swap in management team

Mercedes have made significant changes to their Formula 1 management team by rearranging key personnel James Alisson and Mike Elliott’s roles. Elliott will take on the Chief Technical Officer position while Allison will return to his previous position of technical director, 20 months after he moved into the CTO position. This resulted from a shuffle spearheaded by Elliott, aimed at adapting to a change in regulations that left Mercedes lagging behind Ferrari and Red Bull. Allison, who had only worked three days a week in his previous role, will now be more involved with the F1 car, although he will still play a role in the America’s Cup project. Toto Wolff, the Mercedes CEO, revealed that Elliott’s decision was driven by his talent in technical and human capabilities. Additionally, Wolff is also pleased that both Elliot and Allison will be in their ‘genius’ positions.

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