Tottenham’s Summer Transfer Conundrum: Deciding Between All-In or Nothing Approach

Tottenham’s Summer Transfer Conundrum: Deciding Between All-In or Nothing Approach

  1. Tottenham Hotspur is facing another summer of changes and decisions. The firing of Antonio Conte during this season has left many questions unanswered. With Cristian Stellini and Ryan Mason failing to address these issues, the focus is now on transfers. However, Tottenham is facing a unique challenge since they don’t have a sporting director in place. This situation is giving them an opportunity to start afresh, but it presents a bit of a problem in terms of tactical team-building. The managers that Daniel Levy is targeting are different from Conte and this could impact the team’s style of play.

    The Italian preferred a regular 3-4-3 setup, while the incoming names that Tottenham is targeting have had fixed back four systems. This is not a big issue because the Spurs front three players could easily fit into the 4-3-3 system. However, the squad is built with wing-backs, which is an absolute misfit for any back four boss. Most of these players are outright flexible, offensive-minded, and hard-working attacking outlets that mostly play from deeper positions. This presents a real dilemma as to the future in the area of the pitch, and it could affect the team’s buildup play.

    Tottenham’s defensive flanks are built to suit wing-backs. The team’s squad has many players that are more adept at being wing-backs than full-backs. This is particularly important because these positions affect buildup play so much for both linked coaches. The centre-backs are more adept at being in a three-man defence than a pair. There is more scope for a club to sign a central player who can play in both arrangements than there is to start a total overall down the flanks. Tottenham’s defensive flanks include Ivan Perisic, Ryan Sessegnon, and Emerson Royal, and if the incoming manager plans with a back four, then a complete overhaul is necessary.

    The new Tottenham boss will want a say on the type of player and the area of a team they want guarantees in, just like the sporting director who should be appointed soon. Tottenham’s future might depend on whether the new boss is determined to stay the course with a three-man setup or start afresh with a back four. Regardless of the eventual name the club lands, there is one absolute certainty: if they plan a Tottenham future with a back four in place, they need a complete overhaul, which could add to what is already set to be a chaotic and expensive summer in north London.

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