Liverpool to Play National Anthem as a Mark of Coronation Amidst Concerns of Booing.

Liverpool to Play National Anthem as a Mark of Coronation Amidst Concerns of Booing.

To celebrate the coronation of King Charles III, Liverpool will play the British national anthem before their Premier League match against Brentford on Saturday. This decision was made after the Premier League sent an email last Friday encouraging all clubs to mark the coronation with suggested activations. Liverpool felt they had little choice but to comply so as not to appear disrespectful. This move has faced opposition from supporters’ groups due to their general republican sentiment. However, Liverpool argues that compliance was requested in the language of the Premier League’s message, making it better to leave the personal choice to individual fans. The Premier League clarified that it was not an edict or mandate, and it was up to individual clubs to decide. Additionally, the Premier League made suggestions, including playing the national anthem before kick-off, which Liverpool chose to follow, and displaying the official coronation portrait on stadium screens. Clubs may also include an article in their matchday programmes to commemorate the occasion. Despite the difference in tone between “suggest” and “strongly suggest,” Liverpool believes the suggestion should be complied with to avoid facing criticism. Opponents argue that this decision could lead to a global show of dissent that could work against the Premier League’s marketing aims.

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