White House denies Boebert’s assertion that the antisemitism plan will be utilized to target conservatives.

White House denies Boebert’s assertion that the antisemitism plan will be utilized to target conservatives.

  1. On May 25th, President Joe Biden announced the new national strategy in combating anti-semitism in America as an effort to address the recent wave of discrimination and proliferation of online hate in the country. The strategy calls for action across all sectors, including government agencies, law enforcement, and other institutions. President Biden reiterated in his recorded message that hate and evil would not win over America, the country that fights for values that embrace all races, religions, and ideologies.

    In response to the announcement, Republican US Rep Lauren Boebert argued that the plan would be utilized to target conservatives like her. She claimed that the administration’s tactics were straight out of the USSR’s playbook, which received criticism from her critics. They pointed out that she was misleading the audience.

    Deputy White House press secretary Andrew Bates released a statement saying: “Congresswoman Boebert is mistaken, antisemitism is not ‘conservative’ – it is evil…If anyone finds opposition to hate threatening, they need to look inward.” He also suggested that Boebert study the history of the Soviet Union’s long, repulsive history of antisemitism. He condemned the Soviet regime’s actions, which President Biden also spoke against.

    Boebert’s office criticized the Biden plan in a statement to The Washington Post, calling it an attempt to silence freedom of speech rather than combat antisemitism. The First Amendment guarantees a marketplace of ideas where truth, beauty, and justice can ultimately win.

    The plan came as a response to the 3,697 reported incidents of antisemitic assault, harassment, and vandalism in the US in 2022, marked a 36% increase from 2021. This number represents the largest number of attacks against Jewish people in the US since the organization began reporting such incidents over forty years ago.

    The Biden administration’s plan, which received input from federal and local officials, civil rights groups, faith leaders, and others, includes over 100 recommendations for policy changes and congressional actions. It also calls for technology companies to bolster zero-tolerance policies against hate speech and fight the spread of antisemitic language across their platforms. Democratic Senator Jacky Rosen, co-chair of the Senate and House Bipartisan Task Forces for Combating Antisemitism, expressed her confidence in the whole-of-government approach, providing the full force of the United States government to root out antisemitic hate across the nation.

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