Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton faces 20 counts of impeachment from GOP-led House panel

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton faces 20 counts of impeachment from GOP-led House panel

  1. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican, may face impeachment in the wake of various scandals, criminal charges, and allegations of corruption. Following months of investigation by a Republican-led House investigative committee, a unanimous decision has been made to go ahead with impeachment proceedings against the state’s top lawyer, Paxton. The public charges against Paxton include bribery, abuse of public trust and unfitness for office. The House could hold a vote on the matter as early as tomorrow, and if it results in Paxton being impeached, he would be ousted from his position with immediate effect. Should this come to pass, he will become only the third official in the history of Texas, which spans almost 200 years, to be impeached.

    Paxton has been under FBI investigation for some time, following allegations that he used his position to help a benefactor, and he has also been charged with securities fraud in a separate case, from which he is yet to face trial. The investigative committee’s findings have provoked accusations from Paxton, who called the allegations “hearsay and gossip.” He also accused House Speaker Dade Phelan, a Republican, of being drunk during a recent session, and called for his resignation.

    Impeachment in Texas differs from the process in Congress, as it requires the immediate removal of the official without delay until a Senate trial takes place. Should Paxton be impeached, Republican Governor Greg Abbott may need to appoint an interim successor. However, final removal from office will require a two-thirds majority vote in the Senate. Although it is unclear how many supporters Paxton may still have in the House, the rebuke was not unexpected, as several Republicans in the state have long been critical of Paxton’s alleged wrongdoing.

    The charges against Paxton are linked to his allegedly inappropriate relationship with one of his donors, Nate Paul. The allegations include claims that Paxton used his office to protect Paul from an FBI investigation and to block whistleblower complaints. Additionally, bribery charges suggest Paul employed a woman with whom Paxton had an affair in exchange for legal support and paid for costly renovations to Paxton’s Austin home. Paxton’s relationship with Paul has attracted much criticism and is viewed by some as the most serious risk to his position.

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