Senate Democrats move to introduce new bill aimed at countering China

Senate Democrats move to introduce new bill aimed at countering China

A new legislative effort was launched by Senate Democrats to counter China, which aims to build on last year’s bipartisan passage of a bill to boost computer chip production in the United States. The new bill focuses on limiting U.S. technology and capital from going to Chinese companies, curbs preventing China from buying U.S. farmland, and provisions giving the Biden administration more authority to review and potentially restrict foreign-made computer apps. The bill will also focus on deterring the Chinese government from engaging in conflict with Taiwan. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is hoping to create new bipartisan partnerships to counter China despite the divides in Congress on other issues. However, Republicans have taken the majority in the House, and some are skeptical about the cost and viability of such legislation. Despite this, lawmakers are eager to show voters they’re willing to confront China, particularly as the Chinese take stances in opposition to America’s interests on the global stage.

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