Rishi Sunak denies showing leniency towards Suella Braverman regarding her speeding offense

Rishi Sunak denies showing leniency towards Suella Braverman regarding her speeding offense

  1. Chancellor Rishi Sunak has denied letting off Home Secretary Suella Braverman for allegedly breaching the ministerial code without conducting an investigation. Braverman had sought permission from officials to attend a private speed awareness course after driving too fast, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson refused calls to launch a formal inquiry into the matter. Critics had accused Sunak of being too weak in not taking any action against Braverman, a powerful figure on the right of the Conservative Party. However, in an interview on This Morning, Sunak refuted these claims, saying that he had not let her off the hook.

    On Thursday, Braverman remained low-key, avoiding the media, despite official figures showing that net migration has hit a record high, despite the Conservative manifesto’s promise to lower it. Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick spoke in the Commons about the issue instead of Braverman.  

    Although Sunak faced pressure to launch an investigation into Braverman, he did not believe that her actions amounted to a breach of ministerial standards. Speaking to ITV, Sunak stated that after speaking with his ethics adviser Sir Laurie Magnus, he was told that the matter could be resolved by closing it, which he had done. Sunak emphasised his commitment to maintaining an administration of integrity, professionalism, and accountability, and indicated that he should be judged by his response to issues that arise rather than past events.

    Braverman was caught for speeding in June 2022 during her time as attorney general. After becoming Home Secretary, she enquired whether attending a group speed awareness course was appropriate given her security concerns. This led to allegations that she had breached the ministerial code by requesting taxpayer-funded civil servants to help her with a private issue. She eventually accepted the fine and penalty points on her driving licence for the speeding offence.

    During a Wednesday session on immigration and employment policies, Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer ridiculed Braverman and suggested that Sunak should consider giving her a different job. Liberal Democrat chief whip Wendy Chamberlain criticised the Prime Minister for his “cowardly cop-out,” implying that he was being influenced by hardline backbenchers rather than acting in power.

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