Biden urged to take action by families of US citizens detained overseas

Biden urged to take action by families of US citizens detained overseas

On Wednesday, relatives of Americans detained abroad gathered outside the White House to call on the Biden administration to do more to bring their loved ones home. Some of the Americans present at the gathering were those who had been freed over the last year, including the Marine veteran Trevor Reed, who was released by Russia in an April 2021 prisoner swap. They reflected on the importance of having the support of President Biden and a high-level of the US government in order to win freedom for detained Americans. However, some families noted that they were still waiting for meetings with President Biden to discuss their cases, as well as expressing frustration with the lack of progress in bringing Americans home from places like China. The recent arrest of Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich in Russia has drawn fresh attention to these ongoing issues. The US government has been focused on efforts to secure the release of Americans detained abroad, with the government special envoy for hostage affairs noting that whether or not the president speaks directly with families, US efforts to bring home detained Americans will continue.

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