UN efforts to ensure aid delivery to Afghanistan continues

UN efforts to ensure aid delivery to Afghanistan continues

On Friday, the United Nations promised the Afghan people that it would not abandon them despite the recent Taliban ban on Afghan women working for the organization. However, it remains unclear how the U.N. plans to provide the desperately needed aid. U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has previously condemned the ban as a violation of women’s human rights. The U.N. has announced that the head of its political mission in Afghanistan will conduct an “operational review” of its activities until May 5. The mission, known as UNAMA, issued a statement reaffirming its commitment to delivering aid in Afghanistan and urging donors to continue funding humanitarian assistance. U.N. staff in Afghanistan are currently working from home, aside from critical functions. The Taliban has agreed to some “carve-outs” for Afghan women, including in the health sector, and the U.N. plans to utilize these carve-outs. The U.N. is continuing to engage with the Taliban to obtain a reversal of the ban and ensure the safety of its staff. Guterres plans to hold another meeting to unify the positions of key players on human rights, governance, counterterrorism, and anti-drug efforts related to Afghanistan.

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