Top Biden aide to confer with Saudi crown prince amid tensions

Top Biden aide to confer with Saudi crown prince amid tensions

The Biden administration is sending one of its chief advisers, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan, to Saudi Arabia to meet with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman later this week. Sullivan will also hold talks with officials from India and the United Arab Emirates during his visit. The discussions will encompass “new areas of cooperation” between India and the Gulf, and the US and the rest of the region. Although the exact focus of the meetings is not publicly known, it is expected that Sullivan will address the Yemen war. Sullivan previously spoke with the Crown Prince over the phone last month, at the same time as signs emerged of the Saudis and Iran-allied Houthis moving towards a permanent resolution to their long-standing conflict. The visit by Sullivan marks a warming of relations between Saudi Arabia and the Biden administration, which were reportedly strained by the new President’s criticism of Saudi Arabia’s human rights record and oil policies.

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