Rewritten title: The Current Understanding of the Moultrie, Georgia Mass Shooting

Rewritten title: The Current Understanding of the Moultrie, Georgia Mass Shooting

The small town of Moultrie, Georgia experienced a mass shooting just a day after police across the Atlanta area searched for a man who shot five people at a medical facility. The shooter, 26-year-old Kentavious White, killed three women before shooting himself. White also shot three other people, including his 50-year-old mother and his 74-year-old grandmother who lived next door. He killed a coworker at the McDonald’s fast food restaurant where he worked. Police had encountered the gunman before when they were sent to his home a day earlier after he came outside, shouted something, and fired a gun. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is helping with the investigation. The shooting temporarily shut down traffic in the town of 15,000 residents. Georgia is among the deadliest states for gun violence with a death rate of 20.3 deaths per 10,000 people, according to the CDC. The day before the Moultrie shooting took place, there was another incident when Deion Patterson allegedly opened fire at an Atlanta medical facility, killing one and injuring four others before being captured at a swimming pool in Cobb County. Mental healthcare is available for residents processing what happened. Julio Ginel of Georgia Pines, a state mental health contractor, told The Moultrie Observer, “Due to the situations that have happened recently as well as concerns of overall mental health, we want to remind community members that Georgia Pines is available to provide services for them.”

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