Pakistan Vows to Enhance Security Measures Following Assaults on Chinese Citizens

Pakistan Vows to Enhance Security Measures Following Assaults on Chinese Citizens

The President of Pakistan has promised to enhance security measures for Chinese nationals who are working on various large-scale projects in the country. China has previously demanded that Pakistan provides more security for its citizens living and working in the Islamic nation, following a suicide bombing earlier in the year in which nine Chinese nationals and four Pakistanis were killed in the country’s volatile northwest. Recently, a Chinese national involved with the Dasu Dam project, backed by China and the largest of its kind in Pakistan, was arrested on blasphemy charges after an angry mob accused him of criticizing a co-worker for excessive prayer during working hours. While blasphemy laws in Pakistan carry the death penalty, it is unclear whether the Chinese man will face trial or be deported. The pledge for increased security measures came during a meeting between President Arif Alvi and Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang on Friday, ahead of a mini-summit the next day in Islamabad. The Chinese-funded China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a massive project that includes road construction, power plants, and agriculture, is a significant part of Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative. The initiative aims to revive the Silk Road and connect China with various parts of Asia.

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