Oregon Governor Initiates Negotiations as State Senate GOP Boycott Reaches Critical Stage

Oregon Governor Initiates Negotiations as State Senate GOP Boycott Reaches Critical Stage

  1. Oregon Governor Tina Kotek is taking steps to end the three-week-old boycott of GOP senators by holding meetings with leaders from both parties. With just one month remaining in the legislative session, this year’s controversies have reached “a crucial point,” according to her office. Despite the talks, there was no progress announced as over 100 bills remain in limbo due to the walkout, and both the Senate and House must pass budgets for the next two years before the June 25 deadline. Republican Senate Minority Leader, Sen. Tim Knopp, stated that the boycotters will not return until the last day of the session, where they plan to approve “bipartisan” bills and budgets. The walkout began on May 3 over several measures that conservative senators objected to, including a law on abortion rights and gender-affirming care, as well as a bill to raise the minimum purchasing age for certain firearms. This is reportedly the longest boycott in Oregon’s history, with similar incidents occurring in 2019, 2020, and 2021. The Democrats did the same in 2001 to prevent a quorum of two-thirds of members. Anca Matica, the governor’s spokesperson, notes that the governor has been listening to all concerns and will continue meeting with legislative leaders to resolve the issue. While Governor Kotek has not ruled out ordering the Oregon State Police to bring boycotters to the Senate floor to reach a quorum in the 30-member chamber, Senate Minority Leader Tim Knopp warns of legal action should the police use force.
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