Neera Tanden appointed as Biden’s domestic policy adviser from White House position.

Neera Tanden appointed as Biden’s domestic policy adviser from White House position.

Neera Tanden, a well-known Washington insider who currently serves as White House staff secretary and senior adviser, has been chosen by President Joe Biden to be his new domestic policy adviser. This move makes Tanden the first Asian American to lead any of the three major White House policy operations and successor to Susan Rice, a longtime foreign policy expert who surprised Washington by shifting to domestic policy focus upon joining Biden’s White House. During her current role, Tanden has been overseeing decision-making on domestic, economic, and national security decisions. Biden cited her 25 years of experience in public policy, her work for Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and her almost decade-long tenure running the liberal-leaning Center for American Progress. Tanden also helped write the Affordable Care Act health care law during the Obama administration. In her new role, she will be running the Domestic Policy Council, which oversees various policy decisions, including food stamps and public housing assistance. Biden emphasized Tanden’s lived experiences, which included her having relied on these programs, as a crucial factor that would inform her future work and benefit the American people. Susan Rice is stepping down from her role as the Domestic Policy Council head on May 26, after serving the position for two years.

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