Gunfight precedes shooting rampage by Georgia man that left 3 dead, say police.

Gunfight precedes shooting rampage by Georgia man that left 3 dead, say police.

A man identified as Kentavious White, 26, reportedly killed his manager at work, his mother, and grandmother before taking his own life in Georgia. The authorities revealed that White had been involved in a gunfight less than 48 hours before the shooting incident. Security footage from a McDonald’s restaurant in Moultrie showed White shooting Amia Smith, 41, the store manager. The video also captured White stepping inside the fast-food outlet and then shooting himself. After responding to the shooting at the McDonald’s, the police found White’s mother, Susie Arnold, and grandmother, Hilda Marshall, shot dead in their nearby homes. According to the Colquitt County Coroner, all three women appeared to have been shot multiple times. Moultrie Police investigator Nathan Cato claimed that White had been involved in a gunfight on Tuesday at the home he shared with Arnold. However, the police had no prior interactions with White. Meanwhile, Rahiem Rashad Kinsey, a former McDonald’s employee, shot at White, according to police. Kinsey has been charged with aggravated assault and possessing a gun while committing a crime. The shootings have left the local community in shock, with McGough, Smith’s cousin, describing the incident as “senseless.” Arnold and Marshall had worked at a local assisted living home. The McDonald’s restaurant reopened with purple ribbons tied to the doors and employees wearing purple to honor Smith. The incident occurred a day after a similar one in Atlanta, where a gunman killed one person and wounded four others at a medical office.

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