Drive-by-shooting disrupts interview about gun violence

Drive-by-shooting disrupts interview about gun violence

  1. During a TV interview about crime reduction efforts in Whitehaven neighbourhood in South Memphis, with resident Yolanda, a drive-by shooting happened nearby. Yolanda was introducing herself to the camera when gunshots were heard. Yolanda and the TV crew went on the ground for safety. After the shooting ended, Yolanda comforted the reporter who was breathing heavily. The whole incident was captured on film by ABC24. Yolanda identified a “black car” as having been on the scene and asked whether the incident was a drive-by shooting. Police have not yet made any arrests. ABC24 aired the footage after the incident was over and expressed concern that doing an interview in a park during the day should not be dangerous. No one got hurt during the shooting, which reportedly aimed at an apartment building.
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