Criticism against Ron DeSantis grows as his campaign ad featuring Elon Musk footage draws ridicule

Criticism against Ron DeSantis grows as his campaign ad featuring Elon Musk footage draws ridicule

  1. Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor’s 2024 campaign launch has been mocked due to technical difficulties encountered during his official Twitter Spaces presidential announcement. The “DeSantis War Room” Twitter account released a stylised over three-minute advertisement, which was heavily criticised for featuring Elon Musk, which made users happy and confused at the same time. His announcement was marred by technical difficulties such as long silent pauses, echoes, and even Mr DeSantis disappearing from the event briefly.

    It looks like Mr DeSantis campaign strategy is to ignore traditional media outlets and court supporters through online social media platforms. The campaign video showed Mr DeSantis trying to gain political leverage by featuring Mr Musk’s fan following, as the tech mogul gained popularity among conservatives, as a result of this; his announcement sparked mixed reactions from social media users.

    The official video featured the Florida governor rallying against the Joe Biden government for their support to what he called the “woke mob” and for the southern border collapse. However, his choice to start his campaign through the Twitter Spaces platform has led to ridicule amongst the public, as some have struggled to understand the message behind the video and whether Mr Musk was controlling Mr DeSantis or if he would be the Florida governor’s running mate.

    Despite Mr DeSantis’s official entrance into the presidential race that has been eagerly anticipated for months, some Republicans view him as the candidate best positioned to defeat his leading rival Donald Trump, who mocked “the DeSanctus TWITTER launch” as being “a DISASTER.”

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