Arrest Made in Relation to Stabbings Fueling Concerns of a ‘Serial Killer’ at UC Davis

Arrest Made in Relation to Stabbings Fueling Concerns of a ‘Serial Killer’ at UC Davis

A suspect named Carlos Dominguez has been arrested by the combined efforts of police of the city of Davis, UC Davis police, and the FBI in connection with three stabbings that had occurred near the campus of the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) within the last week. Carlos Dominguez was identified as a former student of the UC Davis who got separated for academic reasons in April 2023. The authorities stated that all three stabbing incidents are connected and that Dominguez is responsible for all three. The latest stabbing was reported on Monday, while the other two were said to be fatal. Police are working in partnership with university officials to provide support to students who may have interacted with Dominguez. On Thursday, Davis police chief Darren Pytel announced that Dominguez had been arrested on two counts of homicide and one count of attempted murder. Dominguez was found living with several roommates who have also been interviewed by the police. At present, he is being held at the Yolo County Jail.

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