Arizona election denier successfully dodges recall effort

Arizona election denier successfully dodges recall effort

A rural Arizona county supervisor who expressed skepticism over the results of last year’s election can breathe easy now that organizers of an effort to remove him from office have announced that they failed to collect the 4,865 signatures required to proceed with a recall effort. Tom Crosby, one of two Republican supervisors on the three-member board, refused to certify the 2022 election in the county and pushed for hand counting ballots instead of relying on more accurate voting machines. However, a judge stopped them from doing so. Crosby dismissed the recall effort as insignificant and did not respond to a request for comment on the latest development. Conservative Cochise County has become an hub for election conspiracy theories, and Crosby and the other Republican on the board, Peggy Judd, have been actively promoting those theories.

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