The Legal Setback of Fox Must be Taken as a Warning

The Legal Setback of Fox Must be Taken as a Warning

During board meetings, a section of the agenda typically revolves around potential and existing lawsuits involving the company, either as the plaintiff or defendant. The legal director provides updates on the progress of these cases, which can often lead to a tense atmosphere. Individuals may find themselves looking down as various thoughts race through their minds, including who is responsible and how the situation could have been avoided. There is also concern regarding who within management will be called upon to provide testimony and whether any of the attendees will be implicated. It is easy to imagine this scenario playing out during the board meeting where Fox directors discussed the defamation claim brought forth by Dominion, a voting machine manufacturer. Dominion accused Fox News of falsely claiming that their machines were used to rig the 2020 US election and sought $1.6 billion (£1.3bn) in damages. Ultimately, Dominion agreed to accept $787.5 million.

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