Strategies for thriving amidst the challenges faced by IT departments

Strategies for thriving amidst the challenges faced by IT departments

Marionete, a technology company, is transforming how businesses operate in the financial services industry and beyond. IT departments face mounting challenges from customer expectations, regulation, cyber-security, emerging tech disruption, aging legacy systems, integration, rapid change, and cost efficiency pressure. To overcome these challenges, many CIOs realize the need for a new backbone architecture that is scalable, operationally flexible, compliant, and capable of driving new business models. In practice, many have resorted to off-the-shelf solutions, point-to-point integrations, and purpose-built choreography platforms. While point-to-point integrations work for a limited number of systems, purpose-built platforms are the most effective solution. This is where Marionete comes in. Marionete’s team of experts simplifies complex problems with cutting-edge solutions that help clients stay ahead of emerging technologies, adapt to rapidly changing industry demands, drive innovation and ensure regulatory compliance. Marionete’s portfolio of successes includes streamlining migrations and complicated integrations of siloed infrastructure into cloud-native architecture, overhauling payment architecture, managing payments worth more than $100 billion per month in 54 countries, and accelerating business growth using capabilities such as service meshes, choreography platforms, AI augmentation, and total experience. Marionete strives to solve complicated technology business problems with beautiful, scalable solutions using tomorrow’s technology. To learn more about Marionete’s transformative services, visit

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