Reworded Title: “Is Your Brand a CX Champion on Paper? Look out for These Four Signs.”

Reworded Title: “Is Your Brand a CX Champion on Paper? Look out for These Four Signs.”

Many companies invest heavily in improving customer experience (CX), but few achieve the desired results. Despite increasing CX budgets and implementing customer engagement solutions, some organizations still fall short of providing a seamless and consistent experience across various channels. In a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of CSG in September 2022, 53% of respondents using a customer engagement solution found it challenging to keep customer experiences consistent across multiple platforms, channels, and lines of business. The lack of integration across various channels and data silos is one of the biggest reasons why brands underperform on digital experiences.

To deliver a consistent experience, organizations need to break down data silos, connect their engagement channels, and maintain up-to-date and comprehensive data profiles for each customer. Integration of engagement solutions and data sources is a long and costly process, but companies can use customer engagement platforms with pre-configured integrations to synchronize their systems. Additionally, organizations need to measure their progress and define their own business metrics to determine the success or failure of customer journeys. This helps to identify areas to adjust and improve CX initiatives.

Successful customer journeys require an effective game plan aligned with industry-specific practices. It is vital to use engagement solutions that offer pre-built journey maps requiring minimal IT effort, which are easily adaptable as customer behaviours evolve. Employing customer journey analytics also provides insight that informs customer journey adjustments and ensures customer engagement solutions apply the necessary changes with minimal time and effort.

In 2023, companies faced with economic headwinds and board-level pressure to deliver results must tie CX initiatives more convincingly to ROI. With the help of customer engagement solutions, businesses can drive revenue and customer loyalty to a whole new level. CSG Xponent Ignite offers brands a running start on data-driven, loyalty-winning customer journeys.

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