Proving its Worth to Subscribers: Netflix’s Value for Money

Proving its Worth to Subscribers: Netflix’s Value for Money

According to research firm Kantar, Netflix appears to be the most affected by the post-Christmas streaming cancellations in the UK. In the first quarter of this year, 7 percent of households have canceled at least one of their subscriptions, resulting in a market-wide net loss of 167,000 subscriptions. The study also revealed that 144,000 households dropped out of the video-on-demand market altogether during this period. Netflix, the most popular streaming service, experienced a gradual decline in most areas, including the variety of TV series available, the amount of original content provided, and the quality of shows offered. Only three of the top 10 most viewed video-on-demand titles belonged to Netflix, down from six last year. Besides, the subscriber’s satisfaction rating for the value of money fell from +31 percent to +22 percent.

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