Mark Dixon, CEO of IWG, Believes Hybrid Models Hold the Key to a Greener Future

Mark Dixon, CEO of IWG, Believes Hybrid Models Hold the Key to a Greener Future

  1. IWG recently achieved carbon neutrality by supplying their millions of customers worldwide with carbon neutral workplaces, which is an important step towards their ultimate goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. The hybrid model of working has been a significant contributor to this goal by reducing emissions from daily commutes and allowing companies to operate more efficiently with a more productive workforce.

    The demand for hybrid working is increasing rapidly, leading IWG to open up to 1,000 new locations over the next year. This demand is particularly strong in suburbs, former dormitory towns, satellite villages, and countryside communities. Businesses are also opting for a fraction of their former conventional city center space in favor of sites closer to where their employees live. This move has proved to be highly beneficial for IWG, with a recent independent survey showing that hybrid working saves organizations an average of over £9,000 per employee per year.

    IWG has also partnered with global sustainable development leader Arup to conduct a study that quantifies the hybrid model’s true potential as a means of reducing work-related carbon emissions. The project studied six cities across the UK and US: London, Manchester, Glasgow, Los Angeles, New York City, and Atlanta. The study found that allowing people to work close to home has the potential to reduce a worker’s work-related carbon emissions by between 49% in London and 90% in Atlanta.

    The project’s findings highlight the immense power of hybrid working in reducing humanity’s negative environmental impact, and governments, businesses, and public policy-setting bodies must continue to develop policies and integrate strategies that empower individuals and businesses to make a positive difference every day and reduce work-related carbon emissions. The future of the hybrid model looks promising, and as long as we continue to make environmentally-focused changes, we will be able to make a positive impact on climate change.

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