Former CBI chief Tony Danker denies involvement in rape allegation.

Former CBI chief Tony Danker denies involvement in rape allegation.

Tony Danker, the former Director-General of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), has claimed that his reputation has been “totally destroyed” following allegations of sexual misconduct, which he claims are unrelated to him. Danker maintains that he had been made a “fall guy” by the CBI, despite never engaging in sexual assault or using sexually suggestive language with colleagues. Police are investigating the allegations, which include claims of cocaine use and rape, that emerged shortly after the CBI announced that it was investigating unrelated allegations of misconduct against Danker. The CBI board cited four reasons for Danker’s dismissal, including organizing a private karaoke party for 15 people, viewing CBI staff Instagram accounts, sending non-work related messages to staff, and inviting junior staff to meals to talk about their careers. Danker apologised for making staff uncomfortable but insisted that his actions were not misconduct.

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