Experience the Richness of Top-Notch Software Features

Experience the Richness of Top-Notch Software Features

Nagarro, a client of Business Reporter, emphasizes the importance of good software quality in today’s digital age. Even a single bug or issue within the software can have a significant impact on a business’s revenue, customer satisfaction levels, and overall reputation. Therefore, having an exhaustive AI-assisted software testing menu that includes an array of testing services is imperative to ensure that high-quality software is delivered.

Nagarro has created a unique and delicious seven-course meal plan that is guaranteed to improve efficiency and effectiveness in any organization, thus delivering software that satisfies users and stands the test of time. Each dish is designed to cater to a specific need, and when combined, they make the perfect software testing dinner. From Test Result Visualization to Automatic Test Case Creation, Nagarro’s curated sequence of dishes will satisfy everyone’s hunger for high-quality software and improve software quality more efficiently.

The first dish, Dashboard Delight, is made by collecting all the finest test results and artifacts produced by teams and presenting them in a way that makes it easy to analyze and interpret. The second dish, A Pseudo Production Platter, uses machine learning to analyze production data and create synthetic data with the same patterns while maintaining privacy. The third dish, Selection Soup, is created by selecting the most important test cases. This is made with AI algorithms that extract the very essence of historical test runs, requirements and code changes to identify the test cases that are most likely to find defects.

The fourth dish, The Adaptive Appetizer, brings a flavorful combination of the power of AI algorithms with the rich taste of automated test cases. Our appetizer can automatically adapt to UI changes during runtime. The fifth dish, Risk Rating Radicchio, is made up of carefully selected code chunks analyzed and scored by Nagarro’s Code Risk Indicator IDE plugin. The sixth dish, Root Cause Risotto, helps identify why test runs are failing quickly. By classifying failed test cases, this risotto allows serving tickets to the right table, resulting in faster and more efficient bug fixing.

The final dish, Swarm Testing Soufflé, is crafted with care using only the finest ingredients and is made up of keyword-based test automation, extended with context, which allows for the automatic arrangement of keywords in any order, resulting in a model of possible states and transitions without additional effort. With replayable test cases, developers can easily reproduce and fix bugs, speeding up the development process.

By taking advantage of Nagarro’s AI-Assisted Software Testing menu, businesses can significantly improve software quality and see the benefits that AI can bring. Nagarro’s team of experts has whipped up a range of delicious meals at the forefront of AI-assisted software testing to help organizations improve their testing process and serve up high-quality software. For more information or to request an exclusive tasting, please reach out to the Nagarro team at a[email protected]. For additional insights, visit nagarro.com/AI4T.

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