Complete Data Gathering and Legal Disclaimer for E2E 100

Complete Data Gathering and Legal Disclaimer for E2E 100

The E2E 100 is a ranking list featuring companies that have shown employment growth over the past 3 years for the E2E Female 100 Criteria and privately owned, UK based technology companies which have a turnover of more than £10m over the past two years for the E2E Tech 100 Criteria. The ranking is based on the percentage total turnover growth over the 2-year period. It is important to note that companies cannot self-nominate or be nominated for inclusion on the list. Each company has been selected based on independent research undertaken, using selection criteria determined by E2E and its partners in their sole discretion. All information collected and used in relation to the featured companies have been obtained from sources in the public domain, including but not limited to Companies House and/or E2E Partners. It is also important to note that the inclusion of companies featured on the E2E Female 100 and E2E Tech 100 does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by E2E or its partners. The list is established based on past data and should not be considered a reliable indicator of current or future performance. It is worth stating that while some exceptions to the qualifying criteria were allowed, the compiler’s decision is definitive, and there is no opportunity for correspondence.

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